Saturday, September 27, 2008

Family Reunion

Sorry bout the lack of posts lately, we have been working on getting our shit together, which basically means we have to slow down to speed up. We got some really good stuff in the works, and the new podcast is just about ready for you... check back in a day or 2. 
Until then.....

Brand New KID SISTER! this is a real nice tune and shows of Kid Sis' singin ability! pretty good too. Produced by the ever impressive and hard to pin down DIPLO of  recent "paper planes" royalty cheques! (i would be really happy if dude became the new dj premier of our era) and featuring DAVID BANNER(where has he been?, i'll have to ask rico he's up on dave) 

Courtesy of the good folks at RCRDLBL

Also! thanks to Utern we got the OG too

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