Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PB Wolf

Yesterday the Freshest Kids had the chance to check out Peanut butter wolf for a Video SL Demo which was part of the RedBull Music Academy. It was super informative and he played some cool shit. His take on the video set is a little different than others ie Mike Relm. PB Wolf's sets are based around playing eclectic and "rare" video's that not everyone else has. vs a turntablist skill heavy performance. He did a cool themed section of drum breaks using a scene from Rockers, some old Stevie on the drums and tons of others.. At the club (republic) I thought he held it down. It was kinda strange to have people dancing while all facing forward looking up at the screens but that's expected... Im all for Video DJing in the right setting, regularly at a club I think no no but festivals or opening for performers is ideal.

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