Sunday, January 4, 2009

Stuff White People Like

So i bought this book for my dad on his birthday, He loved and i thought it was amazing. Rico put me onto the website ( and if you haven't checked it out already you should (regardless of race) its hilarious! and they regularly update it with new stuff, most recently "sea salt" was added (whats up Mom!) Heres are  a few personal fave.

Music Piracy (excerpt) -  

...If you bring up this issue with white person who says “nah bro, I don’t give a shit, Dave Matthews has enough money as it is.” You are likely dealing with wrong kind of white person.

In the even more rare situation where someone says “it’s all paid for, and it’s all transferred from vinyl.” You have found an expert level white person and must treat the situation carefully.

Because of the availability of music online, a very strict social hierarchy has been created within white culture whereby someone with a large MP3 collection is considered “normal,” a large CD collection is considered to be “better,” and a person with a large vinyl collection is recognized as “elite.”

These elite white people abhor the fact that music piracy has made their B-sides, live performances, and bootlegs available to the masses. Their entire life’s work has been stripped of its rarity in terms of both object and sound on the record. The best thing you can say to them is: “vinyl still sounds better.”

However, it is recommended that you do not let this conversation drag much longer. If you let them continue talking to you they are likely to spend hours talking to you about bands you’ve never heard of and providing you with a weekly mix CD of rarities that you do not want.

Other personal faves include; Rugby, Black music that black people don't listen to anymore, girls with bangs, irony, difficult breakups check it!


Dee Lite - Groove is in the heart (or <3)
This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan
Return Of the Mack - Mark Morrison
Fight For Your Right to Party - Beastie Boys
Everyday People - Arrested Development
Guns & Roses - Sweet child o'mine (for more effect, Play a "Mash up" version)
Don't Stop Believing - Journey(DO Not Play a "BMORE" version though. cause then you are "ruining the song")
Superstylin' - Groove Armada
93' til infinity - Souls Of Mischief
Concrete Schoolyard - Jurassic 5

Heres a track that i transferred from vinyl.... mixtape coming soon(for real!)

Produced by one of my favourite white rap producers, Alchemist

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