Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Freshest - Ringtones

While Kutcorners and I were making our Hold The Line Remix , Kut got the idea of making some ringtones purely to be funny and for us. The crew made a few and started using them & since then ninja's have been asking to get down. So collectively we made a pack of 7 ringtones for your iphone, blackberry, razor, zack morris jump off whatever.

The Freshest got Rhek from Sharks & Hammers to do the artwork which we love. Rhek took it a step further and made some ill shirts. Finally we collaborated with Man Hussy to bring you the video that you just watched. If you didnt watch the video - watch the video!

~ Marvel

1 comment:

edbrisson said...

The store says these are sold out? Is that possible?