Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rock On Roc Raida

So as you may have heard, another great musician died this week.
Roc Raida was a really influential dj to me and I wouldn't even consider myself a turntablist or anything. The guy was a really great dj period. He was clean, original and very tasteful. I also really enjoyed his production. this song (that he produced) in particular. I have really fond memories of my friend who taught me how to dj playing this song. I'm going to play this tonight in tribute. RIP.

- Kutcorners

Roc Raida was that dude to me as well check out Vancouver is Awesome where I speak more about his influence on me and how i got to DJ w/ him a few times.

- Seko

p.s. this was my jam on my walkman for a long time.

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