Monday, March 22, 2010


Jayceeoh & Fashen

Me, Jayceeoh, Hedspin, Phenom (DJ City)

Donnis & Dan Solo

Jayceeoh, Team Canada, and Spider

J.C. x 2

So, last thursday I flew down to Austin Texas for my first ever trip to SXSW. The floppy touque, plaid shirt, tattoo and beard look was on high everywhere we went as the streets were lined with music heads all day!

I was lucky enough to catch a bunch of cool shows, including Atrak/Travis Barker durring sound check. The Main event however was Jayceeoh's Super 7 Party. It was put on by DJ City, High Snobiety, Keep It Local, and Frank 151, and featured some of North America's best DJ's.

The party ended with a good old fashion jam session with all the DJ's rocking out on 4 turntables. Video should be surfacing soon.

Here's to next year. Freshest party you say?

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