Sunday, June 20, 2010


All us Freshest Dudes know cool people that make or do some really cool things, Some of them are our close friends. I figure it would be cool to give a little shout out to them on the blog as they are inspirational to us and are a very important part of what we do.

Today I'd like to put you on to my friends "The Opensouls"

I grew up in New Zealand as you may know. I played in various bands and alot of them included my close friend Jeremy Toy (aka Ota). This guys is a mean guitar player,producer,dj and all around music lover. He went on to form the band, with these other cool guys Julian Dyne (drums), Bjorn Peterson (vox), Tyra Hammond (vox), Harlin davey (dj/mpc), Issac Aesilli (horns), Chip Matthews (bass).

They have helped me out on tunes and i've even had the opportunity to play in the band from time to time. They play the meanest of Soul music and have a big collection of 45's that they have released over the years. If you like Daptone/Stax/Motown or any other soul music you'll be able to get with this.

Check out their sound here and there.

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