Friday, January 21, 2011


Some of you may know I'm from New Zealand, and this is a song from a really great movie about Maori kids in NZ (not as hardcore as "Once Were Warriors"). Its a really awesome movie called "Boy" and it was directed by the same guy(Taika Waititi) that did "Eagle vs Shark"(he's also in the new green hornet movie). You probably won't see this movie at the cineplex odeon but it'll be worthwhile checking it online or something. It features lots of good Nz music and the track below is one in particular that I remember being really popular(#1 on the NZ charts) as a kid, which is pretty cool cause its not really a typical pop song by any means and is really traditional Maori performance. This is a updated version done by the director himself. He was trying to make it number one on the NZ charts again. I'm with it!

Heres the Trailer to the Movie

Peace, Kia Ora


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