Friday, December 16, 2011


So in very recent history 2 new things have come to the music game.  Both have made a great impact in many ways but also are still under the radar and have much room for mainstream success.  And I guess it's coincidence that they both begin with the letter M.  

Moombahton is a genre of electronic dance music which was created by Baltimore's Dave Nada could simply explained as pitched down Dutch house.  But it's popularity has opened it up to many different interpretations.  

Mac Miller is a19 year old emcee from the city I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His buzz has grown all year and is ending with a high note with over 144,000 copies sold of his debut album "Blue Slide Park." 

So what do these things really have in common?  Nothing except for the fact that I thought it would be neat flip his latest single "Party on FIfth" into a Moombahton flavored remix.  After just a few hours of building a basic Moombahton remix I decided to call my Canadian brethren, Freshest DJ, and all round nice guy DJ Marvel to add the bells and whistles to give it that extra love. 

We have a video, the Mp3, and instrumental for your sight and sound pleasures.

Thanks to Dave Nada, Mac Miller, & DJ Marvel for making this all come together by accident.

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