Tuesday, July 30, 2013


The homie Nick Maclaren bka Forty-One is one talented dude. He's just released his new EP "Pterror Dak Trill"today ("dak" is NZ slang for Marijuana). 
Its a collection of his outstanding instrumentals. You may have already heard Nicks beats in many a Serato Video or if you follow NZ MC David Dallas, as he was the other half of "Frontline"

If you are into HudMo or Ta-Ku or Southern Rap then chances are you are gonna be into this. Nick makes tastefully layered soundscapes with strong 808 drum programming.
You can grab this for free.99 at

Nick is one of these guys who's really good at everything he does and is also one of the best dj's i've known and has worked as a huge part of Serato over the years, so chances are if you enjoy using Serato products, Nick probably had something to with that.

Check him out killing this Serato Demo from a few years back

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