Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Freshest Baby!

This 90's house thing has been going over at parties really well in the last year so here's a little something that I think is pretty awesome that I came across while in Montreal a few weeks ago...

Jordy - Dur Dur E'tre Bebe
(Translation: It's so hard to be a baby)

Follow up story....

I followed some of the youtube links and watched a tv report that talked to Jordy after he turned 18. Apparently he was supposed to get all the million$ he earned being a baby superstar when he turned 18. But when that happened, most of the money was gone and he only had enough to buy a 'small apartment'. Supposedly nobody knows where the money went, and some investigators suspect that either his parents took the money, or Jordy's management funneled the money to themselves.

Moral of the story?

Um. If you're gonna be a baby superstar, keep your parents in check? Learn about funneling money at a young age? Don't let your parents wear orange jeans in your music videos!


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