Sunday, May 18, 2008

OG Sample Shit

In case you haven't heard this tune yet, i highly reccomend it. 
Maino is hopefully gonna breath some life back into New York hip hop (yep, he's from brooklyn)

So my man Mervs actually wanted to make this post but he didn't have the record to do it. 
He says ...... "records hey?"
I say..... "Hi Hater" 

Heres the Original track they jacked... A dope classic from '82, from MY 12" record (in case you missed that mike!)

Shout outs to Beat street records for this one

If your a hater and you wanna let it be known, show your true colors (B&W).  Shots out to the homie Paulskratch from  Check out his site for more limited tshirt designs

1 comment:

thefreshestkids said...

matty taking my idea hey.. what a hater.