Thursday, August 14, 2008

O.G Sample Shit - Jocking Jay-z'

Here's the New Jay-Z join't Jockin' Jay-Z produced by Kanye!  Let's speak on this track.. Kanye kills it, that snare really hits, and the guitar is ill.  Oh I forgot to mention JAY Z is on it.. Blueprint 3 on the way! 

The original is dope hands down.  It's taken from Run DMC's "Dumb Girl" off their Raising Hell album that Chris Rock called "the first great rap album ever."  You'll recognize the "Dumb"  sample used in Tell me when to go a few summers back.  The 808's used in this '86 classic are dope.. I love the drum fills.  Anyway the Jockin Jay - Z sample (Which actually says Jockin Jay Cee) Is right in the first line.. I look forward to doing some fun transitions using this joint! 

Run DMC - Dumb Girl

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